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Pop, instrumental and classical music.
An eclectic artist.

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CD "PAISAGEM"   ( "Landscape" )

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A free and multitalented spirit


Leo Ribeiro is a singer and songwriter. With a background in classical guitar, he was influenced by progressive rock, new age and contemporary jazz. At the end of 2019, he released the authorial album "Paisagem" where he explores a clean sound and displays his versatility in blues, pop, MPB, "New Age" and instrumental music, in addition to classical guitar themes.

Always with the luxurious help of the "Dudu Lima Trio, the tracks stand out:" Balada "  which echoes as inspiration in the streets of São Paulo," Denise " sung in French;  "Pietro " sung in Portuguese and Italian, "Teshuvá"  piece that exhibits all the beauty of the classical guitar, " Knight Solitary-Finding the Holy Grail "inspired by New Age music, "To convince you "- a blues - and the others, instrumental, with the arrangements of extreme sensitivity of Ricardo Itaborahy and Dudu Lima Trio.


The CD "Paisagem" shows, in instrumental music, the influence of contemporary jazz by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, combined with the musicality of Minas Gerais artists. Always looking for inspiration to express beauty and pleasure, he offers us this eclectic and pleasant to listen to record. From the first to the last track!

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Black and White Star in Circle


Born in Leopoldina, Minas Gerais (Brasil) Leo Ribeiro is a singer and composer of Brazilian music, instrumental and classical for guitar. At the age of eleven he began his classical guitar studies at the State Conservatory of Music "Lia Salgado" in his hometown Leopoldina. He was influenced by the rich Brazilian popular music and progressive rock, new age and contemporary jazz as well. Over the years, he has sought beauty in the form of music and in pursuit of this goal he listened to many different artists and performed in shows, events and nightclubs for thirty years. Throughout his artistic career, Leo has gathered his musical compositions. In late 2019 he releases his authorial album "Paisagem" where he presents all his versatility in compositions ranging from the blues to the classical guitar, and contemporary jazz. Always with the sound of Minas Gerais State artists! An eclectic album, for all moments and tastes.

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Want to know more about Leo Ribeiro, his music and tour dates? Contact.

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